Sunday, June 15, 2014

Jenny-Delta.. Fixing Broken Hearts over the world!

So our 11th wedding anniversary is  coming up. I decided we should take an anniversary trip....To Maui? Hawaii? Greece?  No, To a hospital silly...Um, yeah I kinda suck at vacations, and planning, and being places I promised to go...Not because I'm inconsiderate but because my heart is kind of jerkface.

I've been randomly hugging the floor. Not because I enjoy looking crazy in public but because I'm going unconscious. A lot. It's happening at a crazy frequency. I sometimes know I'm going to faint.  So I have about 30 seconds to get on the floor.  Which is great because if you take me out the house you have about a 50% chance I'm going to faint on you. C'mon you kinda want to see that right?

There in Rochester, Minnesota in the middle of nowhere lies a magical fairy land.  It's called the Mayo Clinic and I have the golden ticket.  I'm going. Although its not a magical land as much as a place for the weirdest of the weird.  For the hardest cases. I'm going to be evaluated. To see if they can figure out the pieces we have left and advise us how to proceed.

So Monique and I have been talking a lot about being honest... This is the downside to wanting to be inspiring. Sometimes I'm not doing awesome and I really don't like admitting it. It feel like failure. Even though I can't do anything about it.

My kids are unwilling participants in my journey.  I wish their lives could continue on as normal without any changes. But that's just not realistic.  We've done our best to continue on but it's been tough. Really tough.

But the past 2 months have been hard. Very Hard.  I collapsed at home in front of the kids 2 months ago. I was carried out my room by paramedics and an crew of fire fighters. I was unconscious and didn't even know the fire truck was at my house.  My kids had a mixed reaction. They were kinda excited that firefighters were there but kinda terrified too. It's something I would wish on my worst enemy.

Waiting is so hard. I've spent the past year with life flying by me at record speed. Until my surgeon decided I needed to go to Mayo. Time seems to stand still as we waited to start our trip to Mayo. Wednesday was the day I've been waiting for to leave for the Mayo Clinic. It was a long day. Getting through security and waiting to fly. We had a slight mechanical problem on on our first flight. The whole waiting area let out an audible groan. Out flight was delayed and most of us would miss our connecting flights. The passengers were tired, grumpy, and annoyed. Jeremy and I couldn't believe how some people treated the Delta staff. Yes, our plane was late, but they were trying to keep us safe and that's what matters most.

This year has been a year of triumphant success and failure. The children have grown so much, we bought a new house, Jeremy has traveled the world. I have been stuck at home. Unable to move very much. I haven't shared this with many people but I've been in the hospital every month for the entire year. I've been having problems with Bob Marley, my pacemaker. As I was sitting on the plane I was thinking that I just had to make it a little longer until we could land. I've been fainting constantly. I was joking to Jeremy that it was like traveling with the Weekend at Bernie's guy! He just needed to keep me conscious to get on the flight! So we took a wheelchair and prayed I'd make it.

Then Lindsey and Q, our flight attendants came bouncing over serving refreshments. We were chatting and they told us we probably wouldn't make our connecting. I mentioned we were going to Mayo to get my heart fixed. Suddenly, Lindsey and Q said they would be right back. Little did we know they went to speak with our pilot. Told them they had a girl with a broken heart on the plane. I can't even begin to share our shock at what happened next.

Our pilot called the pilot of the connecting flight and asked him to wait for me. I started crying. After this terribly long year these fabulous women took it upon themselves to make sure I made it here. At the end of the flight The pilot asked everyone to stay seated do we could get off first. I'm sure a lot if people were wondering who we were as I tried to exit the plane. But my pacemaker isn't handling me moving quickly. So I sounded like a suffocated wounded animal trying to make me way to the jetway and crashed into Lindsey at the front. Sorry Lindsey! I had tears in my eyes because I was so moved that ya'll did so much for us. I'll never forget you.

They had a wheelchair waiting and rushed us to the next flight. Walking onto the next plane felt triumphant. We made it. Through some miracle and loving assistance from Lindsey and Q we finally made it to Mayo. Thank you for caring about the broken heart girl and her hubby. I can't thank you both enough.  We know you have a choice when you fly. Fly Delta, they are good people. If you run into Lindsey and Q give them a hug for me.

Our first day at Mayo they figured out the problem and told me I need surgery to get a new pacemaker. So we're doing tests right now and figuring out the best model pacemaker for me. I have a pacemaker now for older people. I need the "sporty spice" young people pacemaker. Turns out I move too quickly for this pacemaker and it's not helping me breathe. So I'm getting a new pacemaker with different sensors so it can sense me moving and help me breathe. I've never been so grateful for the ability to walk. I can see the end in sight. I'm almost to the finish line to get my new device.

Delta, thank you for starting to fix my broken heart. You cared enough to move mountains to get us here. Thank you so much!!!